Ink Scent

With Ink Scent we launch a proposal on the air … to return to the deep tradition.

Letters Manuscribed by the Community… El Silencio del Valle holds a unique and special letter for you or a loved one…

Ink gifts, a gift to another person or a self-gift … because these Letters are made one by one, by hand, just for you or for whoever you decide from the joy of the heart, from the kindness and compassion that their choice of life, meditation and practice brings to the community.

And if after receiving the ink-scented letter, you take paper and pen and let your hand dance to the rhythm of your thoughts… fantastic… you can send your letters to the sender and the community will welcome your words…


See what happens…

Write it…


With their blessings and best wishes you will receive in your hands an impressive object, a work of art, a gift for the soul.


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